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Barbara Perleberg and a Forest Fire

April 24, 2018

I started blogging and tweeting.  For the inside scoop on what is actually happening, read my blog or sign up for my tweeter feed or whatever they call it for up to the minute news on SUSD.  The Blog is located under the "Home" button on top, the tweeter feed is at the bottom.  Shout out to DT for the reccomendation on Tweetering.


April 22, 2018

Whoops, we've gotta find a new Superintendent.


Well, it is that time of the year again when we have to find a new school superintendent.  We sort of have an acting superintendent, but she has some personal issues involving some very unsavory allegations about not reporting child abuse, so we could only give her the acting superintendent titles, for now.  I just got this pretty handy link about searching for backgrounds of prospective employees on line.  Who would ever think of that.

April 17, 2018 

Do Do Do, Another one bites the dust.


Get this, today I get a call from Susan Seagal, the attorney who is helping us to fire all of the people we hired, and she says, "Pam has gotta go, we need to can her."  So I thought at first she was talking about Kirby, and I said, "Look, I know she is a pretty stuck up b-tch, but if we are gong to get rid of Pam, then you all might turn on me and try to get rid of me."  So Susan says, no dummy, wake up, I'm talking about Pam Sitton."  Honestly, I really just peed myself for about ten seconds.  So I asked Susan what she stole from the District and Susan said that she was handing out money to all of Birdwell's hires that they were not entitled to, like for falsely claiming they had doctorate degrees and such.  I have to say, that's pretty minor in my mind and I just don't want to think about what I would have to tell the community if she was in on the bribery or bid rigging thing.  Whew.  Oh and I used to love Queen until I learned that Freddie Mercury died of AIDS, which is as you know, God's punishment.

April 17, 2018

Governing Board Meeting Re-Cap


There has been some buzz and innuendo claiming that Dr. Nance and I have been carrying on outside the bounds of our marriages in flagrante delicto and I have to say only that, "I wish."  But you know, tonight I could not understand a single thing he said about the enrollment.  But I never really criticize him in these presentations because he is so darn cute.

Then of course, Pam K, I will just call her Pam now that we had to fire Pam Sitton, she was Pam S, so anyway Pam comes up with this idea that we should try to quell the dissent caused by this memo we sent out saying that the teachers would only get a 4% raise even if our pretty smart and cute Governor Ducey gave the district money for a 20% raise.  So of course, even though I am President and I control the gavel, I caved in and we discussed what Pam wanted to discuss because she can really be intimidating and if I don't get on her good side I won't ever get invited to one of her swanky PV parties, and I am just going to lose it.  Ok so anyway, Pam made each one of us say what we would do with the money if we ever got the money and we spent a lot of time saying this stuff even though Dr. Virgil said it was kind of like thinking about lottery winnings. That part I did not understand but I think more and more about it I think he was saying that the money is sort of pretend money.  Ok anyway that took a lot of time.

Then of course public comment.  We try to make that part of the meeting later and later every meeting, but I think it is not working because we ran out of seats and I had to ask people to be quiet and more and more people are showing up to complain.  I love doing that.  You know when I hear people complain, even if it is a lot of people at those meetings, I think of this saying my mom taught me that says, "maybe it's you."  It's like if a lot of people complain about the same thing, maybe it is those people who have the problem.

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