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I'm suing me over this blog and website, and I'm going to be very angry with the result.

Updated: May 7, 2018

Im (is it "Im or I'm - my degree in English was so long ago) so angry about the way my attempts here at reaching out to the District that I have destroyed have been received that I am suing me. Yep, you heard it, I am suing me for embarrassing me. I AM AN ELECTED OFFICIAL! I have rights, and for the people who are making fun of me now because of this little site here, they need to know that the day of reckoning is coming. I know it is those same teachers and haters from the unions who did not provide me with that "Balanced Truth". I know and you know, that there is the truth, and then there is such a thing as the "balanced truth" and by mixing the truth with a lie, you get that "balanced truth" that I wrote about in the Scottsdale Independent. I AM SO ANGRY! That is why I am suing me. Look at how everything is so wrong and how people are making fun of me. This picture proves the point. People now say I don't know my math facts.

Okay, let me tell you something all you haters: When I learned my math facts, subtraction was not taught the same year as addition, and there are different ways to get to the truth. So the truth of the above equation might actually be that 43 - 33 = 10, but the balanced truth tells me that it is 13. That is exactly what I mean and it is so frustrating that this has even been pointed out. And you know what, it might also be the balanced truth that 13 + 33 = 43. Who are any of you to judge?

Now we are going to take a quick trip down memory lane and we are going to look at what I told the newspapers about various things that everyone is finding so funny.

Remember that woman, Dr. Birdwell, the Superintendent who 1) created an enemies list, 2) sent out cease and desist letters to her critics, 3) who hot tubbed with me at Allysons, 4) who lied about knowing that Laura Smith's sister owned the company that Laura was funneling money to, 5) who stole from the District by taking bribes from that Robichaux felon? Well here is what I said about her when I voted to make her the permanent Superintendent (from Scottsdale Independent November 23, 2016):

“For 10 months, the conversations I’ve had, that I’ve seen our district have show to me her dedication and passion for all the hard work that is absolutely necessary to make SUSD strong so that we can heal ourselves,” Ms. Perleberg said. “I sit here tonight incredibly hopeful that we still have it in us after years of a tough go. That we still have it in us to heal ourselves as a district. I think we do and my vote is one of optimism and hope.”

And I also said this about my BFF Denisey (pet name for her) in the Scottsdale Independent on April; 31, 2016:

Dr. Birdwell is laser-focused on driving academic achievement in SUSD and

is ready to get to work with honesty and transparency. I am optimistic that her sense of

urgency will drive quick results in academics and enrollment.

And just now when you are applauding my acumen (learned that word from Allyson) about my assessment of Denisey, I had this to say right before I fired her and gave her a $150,000 check for her work in helping to further the destruction of the District on April 9, 2018 from the Scottsdale Independent:

“It is painful and my personal emotions and feelings of disappointment are, to say at the least, complex. I don’t have the luxury of allowing them to be factors in this tonight. The facts and considerations to be weighted are numerous and several are incredibly frustrating, to put it mildly. The scale tips to accepting this severance agreement. I do vote yes.”

Okay, so now you can see how right I am. Every time I am asked for a quote, I am able to say the first thing that comes out of my head and do it, sometimes, in complete sentences.

Now, on to my qualifications to serve as your El Presidente, you ungrateful swine. When I was asked why I deserved a second term, I pointed out the following on Aiugust 24, 2016 in the the Scottsdale Independent:

I have proven in the past four years on the board that I clearly understand, support, and fight for the high academic and fiscal expectations of our community. I have demonstrated courageous leadership in asking the insightful questions and engaging meaningful conversations to drive positive, significant change within SUSD. Strong organizations need strong leadership with a thorough understanding of the successes, challenges and opportunities. Having a solid understanding of our current realities, I am the most qualified to continue the momentum and work needed to propel SUSD forward.

Now I think you can understand why I am so angry at the teachers. My leadership helped bring in Denisey B (God, I miss her so), her sort of brother-in-law Louis (he is so smart, and a former partner at Arthur Anderson, KPMG, and he told me once he worked with Dr. Salk on the Polio Vaccine - he is so darn smart), Laura Smith, bid rigging, commercial bribery, cronyism, and nepotism, and the promotion of Pam Sitton to Human resources so these schemes could be properly staffed. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT KIND OF WORK IS EASY!

Now you have me worked up. I am just getting started here, but with my hair falling out and my mustache growing like a bad weed, I need rest. Also, I am going to leave you with my favorite passage from what I have written. You will see that I am putting my English degree to good use. My closing thoughts on everything tonight:

From October 20, 2017 in the Scottsdale Independent:

With the fresh lens of a new leadership team, our Governing Board took an honest

look at the direction, academic achievement, and culture of our district. We began a

journey focused on students, and found unity in the belief that it is our responsibility

to ensure all individual learners reach their full potential. To succeed in this

challenging environment, we must bring accountability and courage to a truly

student focused culture.

I'll be the first to admit I have no idea what the hell I just said.

On February 13, 2018, I wrote in the Scottsdalke Independent:

Actions needed to move SUSD forward have been criticized, undermined, attacked, or

simply dismissed by union leadership. Connecting with disgruntled community

members, they fueled a movement based on anger, and thus began an onslaught of

personal attacks, crushing demands on administrative resources, and a campaign of

negativity. With irresponsible disregard for balanced truth, the integrity of due

process, and the real price our community pays for theatrics, this group makes their

demands on the backs of threats, fearmongering, and defamations.

On February 21, we had to put BFF Denise Birdwell on Administrative Leave because everything we were told by those fearmongering defamers was true. Denisey was taking bribes, whoops, my bad.

On February 22, we got sued by the Attorney General of Arizona for Bid Rigging and Fraud.

So there, now you know why I am suing me. I'm sick of everyone staring at me.

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