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Eeeks, another Principal is leaving.

Pam got back today, thank God. I don't know why so many principals are quitting SUSD. I don't even know why so many teachers are quitting. You know, I think that Dr. Chomokos has so much poise to sit through those meetings while all those young, uppity students say such mean things about her. Like my mother always told me, maybe it's you. Where do those students get off with coming up and talking about those crazy things. Anyway, when Pam got the news about Chris Barnes leaving Anasazi, she just blew a gasket. You know that weird kind of bald spot on the top of her head, well the skin under there was as red as one of those candy red apples I eat from time to time that has that has the really gooey coating that gets in between your teeth. So anyways, at first Pam was like, good riddance, more food for those starving Title I kids, but then she just got crazy dark, like demonic almost, and she just starts complaining about how everything is in disarray, how she is never going to get appointed to a paytronage job (I looked it up but I might be misspelling it but I still don't know what that means) because everything at the District has turned to "S H I T", and she just spelled out the word and that's when Allyson woke up again. She might have that narcolepsy thing. But I think whatever Pam was doing in DC did not go well. You know she never comes to the meetings if she is not dressed to the nine's and today, as my grandfather used to say to me, she looked rode hard and put away wet. No one said a word, and you could hear a pin drop, but Pam just stormed out of the meeting and said something like, "Fuller will just probably hire her daughter for the position." It was like trying to reason with a hungry man. More later.

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