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Happy Monday

Well, today was so nutty, I am just now able to catch my breath. So Pam went to DC, which is very inconvenient with so much going on and she is pretty stuck up about it and when she lands there, she posts a picture and says "it is good to be back" like she is some kind of United States Senator. And I know I am not supposed to talk about meetings that are not held in public because everyone gets their panties in a wad, but we have a little system where we are never all in the same room at the same time, so technically, it is not a meeting. Well, with Pam on the speaker phone in DC, we had to figure out what to do about the strike. Pam does not ever want to endorse the RedforEd thing because she says a strike is illegal, but we all know that she wants to run for a bigger office and does not want endorsing RedforEd to come back and bite her in the you know where. So we get to talking and Sandy Kravetz starts up with the fact that she thinks the kids are going to starve if we close the school. Pam says that she thinks the kids can just go to work with their parents and sell oranges from the freeway exits with their parents and earn money to buy their breakfast. Well this just made Sandy angry because she said that the kids are not tall enough to pass the oranges through the windows of the car doors and that's when it happened. Pam called Sandy a stupid b*tch, Sandy, who usually does not have much fight in her, called Pam a really bad name. I won't tell you what the name was, but it is the word that all women hate. I think this is when Allyson Beckham woke up, she seems to sleep a lot through these meetings. But anyway, when Sandy let that slip, Pam texted Kim and told Kim to slap Sandy, but all Kim was willing to do apparently was throw a stapler at Sandy. This is when it got real. Sandy does not look too fast, but like in two seconds she was on the floor, like she hit the deck like those guys in those second world war movies, like the one with Tom Hanks where they are attacking on the beach, I think it was Quebec because they all spoke French, and the stapler just wizzed right over her head and hit the whiteboard that Denise used to use to make the enemies list, putting a huge dent in it. Well there was a lot of yelling and then I remembered that I had my gavel in my purse because I almost always carry it with me and I just slammed it on the table and everyone stopped what they were doing and just looked at me. Allyson woke up for the second time when that wood hit the tabletop. You could even hear Pam screaming into the speaker phone because she thought it sounded like a gun shot. So we compromised on the plan for SUSD for feeding those kids during the strike. We all agree that we will feed them, but Pam said we are not going to give them anything to drink. All this fighting before we were able to get to a good solution. This just exhausts me.

I also wanted to show you my favorite shopping site. I think it helps if you get to know me better as a person and maybe when we are all friends you will not yell so much.

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