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Happy New Year - A guest poem/post from Sandy Kravetz plus new career opportunities.

Well I think it goes without saying that Sandy Kravetz is my besty BFF and she has shown her stripes. She defended me when I started writing this blog and created this website, even thought I think I wrote some pretty indiscrete things about the inner workings of the Board here, but whenever the chips were down, she sprang into action.

So you know I could never refuse a request from her and she just wanted to try her hand at some poetry and get in on the fun. With the election of a new SUSD Governing Board President in the offing, how could I refuse.

So without further ado:

Hi, this is Sandy, and I hope that you are able to ring in the new year and experience nothing but joy and happiness. Yet for me, heavy is the head that wears the crown. We have an important election coming up and I think it is my last chance to become an officer. It was hard to be an officer with all the smart people on the Board like Pam, Kim, Barb, and Alison, but with the two idiots that were just elected last year, I think this is my best chance.

As always I hope you like my New Year's poem and criticism is definitely not welcomed.

‘Twas the night before New Years

and I felt so left out,

no invites to parties

So I started to pout.

But then I soon realized

as if in a trance,

that I could begin,

my own lemon dance.

And at the new year

I hope to be elected

an officer of the Board

that I have so neglected.

It should be my turn

to demonstrate I am bright

although through the years

I’ve seldom been right.

I hired Denise

and stick up for her still.

I also campaigned

for The Liar Chris Schild.

I did get Barb insured.

I’m on the Board of the Trust,

so she could steal from the District,

that was a must.

I’ve started some witch hunts

of Serna and Marsh.

They’ve critiqued the Board,

so I have to be harsh.

I continue to thwart

every plan that is smart.

I want to stab JM

right through the heart

I’ve written the ADL,

the Democrats too.

Please toss JM out!

That’s the least you can do.

But they’ve all said no,

“we’d rather not bother

to punish someone

for the blog of his father”

Well that makes me so angry

to have him so near.

At every Board meeting

he’s in the next chair.

Whenever he talks

I show him my back,

and contemplate making

a pointed attack.

But everyone laughs

at whatever I say

because I never use logic

and speak anyway.

Well I am looking forward

to the new superintendent,

and hope that like me

he hates the whole First Amendment.

So for now I will say,

“have a happy New Year,

for my term will soon end,

for this job I hold dear.




Well, this is Barb again. So as I have been casting about and attempting to decide on what I should do after my unqualified success on the Governing Board, Sandy and I have connected (thank you Sandy for finding this opportunity) with the European Veterinary Dentistry Association to use the gravitas of our high elected positions to make some public service announcements about the importance of dentistry. We just got the proofs today back from the ad agency handling the photo-shoot and I wanted to share them with you, my loyal supporters first.

Well, we expect these PSAs to run in all EU countries and then other countries where the EVDS has reciprocity.

When one door closes, another opens.



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