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Merry Christmas! I want to share my new holiday poem with you all. Hugs and love, your Barbara

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And I had the blues‘

Cause I’m back in the papers

All over the news

But I still have Sandy

Who sits by my side

Her head is quite empty

There’s nothing inside

And I do so miss Pam

I miss her each day

And now she’s stopped texting

I know not what to say

And Kim and Denise 

Yes they’re all gone too

Now comes JM and Patty

What must I now do?

I went back to see Grodie

And caused such a fright

We were so low on ganja 

I was getting uptight

So I missed the last meeting

I’m sorry I did

I left poor moron Sandy

To battle the kid

I settled my lawsuit 

I did this with care

And I am still blogging

And it’s read everywhere

The Republic The Progress

The Independent too

Say I scammed fees from the District

What else could I do?

A hello to my attorney 

His name’s Madame Whiner

He missed the whole first amendment

I could afford no one finer

And poor Christine Schild

My first insane attorney

Made fun of the Bar

And committed perjury

Well I did it too

I should take some of the blame

But lying or harming

Is my middle name

Well I simply won’t quit

In the face of it all

I love wrecking the District

And I’m having a ball

But I cannot say goodnight 

Without mentioning my ‘Gramps

Who died guarding prisoners

In those German camps

So to all my supporters

Please remain true

For my time on the Board

Will be over soon too.

Merry Christmas!

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