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Ok, what a week, and it's not over. I mean I think it's not over.

Updated: May 7, 2018

I am breaking with Pam, and she is going to be mad mad mad about this, but even I did not want to mock the teachers like she did last night on Facebook. I told her not to do it and begged her to just wait until we get the money from DD and then we can screw them over later. As my momma always said to me, "revenge is a dish that is best served cold." I mean, like all those boys who stood me up on dates, I waited for months before I poisoned their dogs or slashed their car tires. I did not want it coming back to me. I do not know what set Pam off yesterday, maybe it was this Facebook page featuring her ex with his new wife and kids that set her off, I can not even guess. Even Kim Hartmann, who generally likes to stay out of the fray weighed in and told her to not abuse the teachers now, telling her there would be time for that later, but when Pam gets crazy about something, look out.

So as I predicted, that sawed off Twinkie Minion Gabriel Allon posted a really unsavory post on the ROSS site that basically said Pam was a loser "H-word". Wait, maybe that word is spelled with a "W" (college was a long time ago) but anyway, I want to set the record straight about this, and the only way to do this is to make these documents available. The docs I have are about 1,200 pages, but they are worth reviewing so that everyone can give Pam a fair shake and understand why she is just mean as a snake. You constituents should not expect Pam to be able to guide the district's finances when she was not able to even do it in her own household. When you're spending a huge amount of time creating and burnishing an image of a perfect family that was just a figment of her imagination, only to have it blow up in your face after 6 years of effort, it can take a toll. That's a lot of photo-shopping. So, just because I am breaking with her about about abusing the teachers in such a blatant manner, hoping that we could just do it surreptitiously later, it does not mean we are not BFF. I want to be fair about this if you want to review the documents, please email me at and I will provide you with a redacted copy.

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