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The matter is settled + my very important public service video about the importance of not lying.

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hello Peons. I bet you were thinking I might be writing about my more recent adventures with Grodie Bachon and Sandy when we made our return trip to Kamloops via dogsled from Scottsdale. First, let me tell you that going to the pound and rescuing 20 dogs for our trip raised a few eyebrows, and then of course the sled does not move too well on sand, but the story of that most excellent adventure is for another day.

Today the focus must be on my annual holiday public service announcement about the importance of always telling the truth, balanced truth, or something closed to the truth because getting busted for perjury is simply not too much fun. So because I am a public school official, carry my badge, my one hitter, and enough Shishkaberry to turn a battleship around, I want, as Sandy says, to be perfectly clear.

Do not lie under oath. Do not get caught lying under oath. And for the love of the sweet baby Jesus, do not hire Christine Schild as an attorney. Also, note to self: when concocting false testimony, make sure that Christine has not boasted about the false testimony or her plans to concoct false testimony in a document that could surface in a public record request. Also, further note to self, research how she got through law school.

Back on topic: As your former Governing Board President, I am so proud of being able to impart this message of wisdom to you. I know you are all so proud of me. Hugs and happy holidays,

Your BBF Barb.

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