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The Updated Poetry of Barbara Perleberg

Updated: May 26, 2018

Writing poetry is kind of a Memorial Day tradition with my family, so I am going to share with you my latest poetic musings on my life as the Governing Board President of Scottsdale Unified School District.

I've been dreaming about a romance,

With Superintendent Steve Nance,

But he rigged a bid,

Which the law does forbid,

Our love now stands not a chance.

While on the Governing Board,

The Corruption Complaints I ignored,

We’re getting our share,

Of what Denise stole from here,

For luxury I now can afford.

Our Superintendent Denise,

Arrived at the District to Fleece;

Our money and assets,

For Jewelry and Corvettes,

And we thought it might never cease.

I know that I’m just not that smart,

But Pam says that I’ve done my part

The District’s destroyed,

The Teachers annoyed,

But it never weighs on my heart.

A certain person named Hughes,

Continually gives me the blues;

She gets up in my bum;

flashlight, fists and two thumbs,

And it always leaves quite a bruise.

For Norton the hangman must beckon,

We must really teach him a lesson,

His ROSS group impedes,

Our criminal needs,

With his friend that obnoxious Minion.

© 2018

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