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Yippee! I'm famous/But there is a downside to being famous. (Updated)

Updated: May 28, 2018

Well when I wrote this post, this is how I started it: Okay, I'm kind of busy at the moment, but do not want to disappoint my fan base and constituents. That's right, your own little Barbara Perleberg, on the front page of today's Scottsdale Republic:

Here's the link to the whole story:,

I want to write more, but I am concentrating on the land deal I'm doing with Pam and Kim. Be back soon.

Well about an hour after I posted, I received the following note from Professor Emeritus Allisson from ASU, from where I received my degree in English:

Dear Barbara;

I had no idea you were on the Governing Board of SUSD because quite frankly, you did not seem very bright when you were in my class. I'm also not surprised to learn that you are suing a parody site, because although your writing skills were never very good, your reading comprehension was borderline at best. That you cannot distinguish parody from actual reporting is not surprising. I wish you well with this latest endeavor, and I hope you do not end up losing your home to legal fees.

Kind regards, Dr. Allisson.

PS - I took the liberty of grading one of your columns in the Scottsdale Independent to see if your writing and comprehension have progressed over the years. Please see below:

If you want to download my graded article it is available here:

Look, everyone is entitled to their opinion of my intellect and writing skills, but now I have to go hire an attorney to send out one more cease and desist letter to Dr. Allisson.

Every silver lining has a touch of gray.

More later.

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Barbara Ellis Como
Barbara Ellis Como

I would like to thank Barbara Perleberg for suing over this blog, otherwise I would never have heard of this wonderful blog.

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